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2014 5.4

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MDG Carreras is a stopwatch that you can start and stop manually or automatically using a joystick or bar code. It can be used for sports races of all types, including track, cycling, mountain biking, motocross, etc.

The program allows you to time races very professionally. You'll be able to print out the lists of times and standings, ordered by category, team, sex, or any other way that you wish to organize the information.

There are a ton of different variables included in the program that cover all the different aspects of a race, such as teams, participants, categories, record times, intermediary times, positions, sponsors, and a stopwatch that records in milliseconds and can go up to 48 hours.

MDG Carreras is an all-encompassing tool that can help you organize a great race and keep everything related to the results of the race and those running in it under control.
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